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ARTEXT : La Biennale di Venezia
52 Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte
ARSENALE  Padiglione Cina


Shen Yuan, Yin Xiuzhen, Kan Xuan, Cao Fei


For the Pavilion, Shen Yuan, Yin Xiuzhen, Kan Xuan and Cao Fei are working on new and site-specific projects.

For the Chinese Pavilion, Shen Yuan proposes to create a new instal ation in the Virgini Garden entitled "le Première Voyage". Consisting of enlarged milk bottles and nipples and a video showing documentaries of the first trips made by adopted children to the West, she explores an increasingly frequent phenomenon in the age of global communication and migration. The artist states: "As a woman and an immigrant artist, I feel this issue is closely related to my own life. I'm concerned with the future of these children. Although they may be able to grow up in a comfortable environment, they would stil have to face the question of cultural and racial difference and the difficulty of losing their real parents in the future." Shen Yuan: "le Première Voyage", project for instal ation, 2007

Yin Xiuzhen conceived her project for the Chinese Pavilion in a site-specific manner, she names her work "Arsenale" after the site. She intervenes in the petrol warehouse (Cisterne Building) with over 100 pieces of "Weapon of TV Tower" to create a real "Armoury". Entirely made of everyday objects like clothes, textile, plates and knives, etc., these "weapons" are hung like a mass of missiles above the overwhelming petrol containers which are covered with textiles printed with code bars and signs of danger. They form a threatening scenario evoking the current reality of excessive urbanisation, economic development and geopolitical conflict. The strong contrast between the feminine, sensitive, soft and poetic texture of the clothes and textile and the masculine, phal oi-centric and sublime forms of the TV towers-turned-weapons creates a surprising and imposing drama, expressing a powerful but silent outcry against the prevailing violence that is menacing our world. Yin Xiuzhen "Arsenal", project for instal ation, 2007

Kan Xuan Using the venue of the Petrol Warehouse (Cistern Building) in a radical y discreet way, Kan Xuan shows a selection of her most significant video works on flat screen monitors and projections. Starting with "Kan Xuan! ­Ai!", this series includes "Countdown", " A Persimmon", "Object", "Garbage", "100 Times", "A Happy Girl" and "Or Everything!" In it, she constructs a kind of labyrinth of light and sound that entices the visitors to enter a mysterious world in which one is surprised by alchemical moments of gazes on the everyday, from the most banal objects to nothingness... At the end of the tunnel, one would encounter a kind of enlightenment, like facing a "Kong An ()"! Kan Xuan: "Object" (video), 2003

Cao Fei Working with video, photography, performance, experimental theatre, documentary and fictional films, writing and other media, she vividly express the intense experiences of a young generation of Chinese urban youth navigating the wave of modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation. With an incredibly fresh but vigilant sense of humour, she examines and makes visible the very realities and dreams of this generation in various contexts from work to play, from suffering to happiness. Thousands of youngsters are deeply addicted to the virtual world created on the internet. The immensely popular online game "Second Life" provides them
with a "3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents". Cao Fei is building up an on-line project for the Chinese Pavilion to carry out an adventure into this virtual world that is exerting crucial influence on our perception of the real and thus considerably modifying our social relationships.

Curatori : Hou Hanru

Artisti : Shen Yuan, Yin Xiuzhen, Kan Xuan, Cao Fei


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